40 Days for Life Campaign - 40daysforlife.com

Alpha Center Friends - www.alphacenter.org

And Then There Were None - www.abortionworker.com

Bella Pregnancy Resource Center - www.bellapregnancy.com

Bethany Christian Services - bethany.org

Catholic Family Services - www.sfcatholic.org

Culture of LIFE/ProLIFE SD - www.sfcatholic.org

Family Heritage Alliance - familyheritagealliance.org

Focus on The Family - focusonthefamily.com

Heart to Heart Adoptions - hearttoheartadopt.com

Jacks for Life - sdstate.campuslabs.com

Life Chain - lifechain.org

Life Training Institute - prolifetraining.com

10 Steps to End Abortion - 10stepstoendabortion.com

Abortion Shockwaves - abortionshockwaves.com :has a special monthly target group of those who have been impacted by abortion loss with helpful resources and abortion recovery programs

Care Net - carenet.org

Election Prayer - electionprayer.com

Global Life Campaign - globallifecampaign.com : provides world wide abortion statistics and information along with Biblical worldview studies

Human Coalition - humancoalition.org : organization ran by Brian Fischer, operates six  "lab-driven" divisions in key abortion-dense cities. These departments continually test and optimize their practices so that we listen to and serve the abortion-determined community with greater effectiveness

Life News - lifenews.com

Live Action - liveaction.org

National Right to Life - nrlc.org : a wealth of information, subscribe to the daily  email newsletter titled National Right to Life News

Priests for Life - priestsforlife.org

Sidewalk Advocates - sidewalkadvocates.org

Silent No More - silentnomore.com : first hand stories from those impacted by abortion

Students for Life - studentsforlife.org : Kristin Hawkins students for Life of America, also known as simply Students for Life, is a pro-life 501 non-profit organization that seeks to end abortion, euthanasia, and infanticide by educating students about these issues and identifying pro-life student leaders and giving them the training, skills, and resources to effectively spread their message

South Dakota Right to Life - sdrighttolife.org : includes voter guide for general election, read Life Facts

Vote For Life Training - voteforlifetraining.org : one hour webcast for practical things we can do as voters to educate others and get them to the polls

Voting Info - votinginfo.net : compares differences of candidate's positions without bias opinions