40 Days for Life Spring Kickoff

Heather Hobbs from Oregon will be keynote speaking at this Spring Kickoff Rally! Raised in an atheist and pro-choice home, Heather was raped at a young age and pressured to abort but chose life instead which changed the trajectory of her future. She went on to marry a wonderful man and was urged by doctors to abort her next two children as well due to concerns with "life of the mother" and her third child being given a 0% chance of survival. Beating all odds, she survived (along with her baby) and now has four children and speaks and writes internationally, also helping legislators by testifying to the importance of the "hard cases." Her articles have appeared in multiple publications, including Live Action and Save the 1, and she has been featured on news outlets such as CBS and NBC. Heather was also the local Campaign Leader for 40 Days for Life in Oregon this past Fall! Please join us and bring a guest to Sioux Falls First at 6300 W 41st Street for a night of worship and to hear her incredible story!!! There will be a free-will offering as well to fund our local 40 Days campaign this Spring which starts 3 days after the Kickoff Rally.

  • Date: 02/23/2020 06:00 PM
  • Location: Sioux Falls First Church (Map)
  • More Info: 6300 W 41st St Sioux Falls SD

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